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DSC00271Those that write do so for many reasons and at times they string enough words together creating a story others want to read. We put words on paper to share our memories, thoughts, ideas and feelings; and sometimes to simply just get them the hell out of our head. Writing can be liberating, cathartic and rewarding but I don’t for a second believe the writers that say it is easy. Anthony Doerr said he felt more like a re-writer than a writer. I get that. While his writing is close to perfect I understand ruminating endlessly on how to translate the thoughts pouring from ones head onto paper so that other can relate and want to continue reading. So I will write, re-write and repeat and hope you will be patient with me as the process unfurls.

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  1. Rob Atkins says:

    I just ran across your blog post about the Sand Dollar Camp on Isle of Palms and enjoyed the read.

    My family lived on Isle of Palms from 1965 through 1988 and the Sand Dollar was a favorite haunt of mine. You may recall the entire north end of the island was a relatively undeveloped maritime forest that gave way to the beach the ocean’s edge. It was certainly beautiful and in many ways nearly pristine. I certainly loved it and camped out there only a few miles from my home quite a few nights.

    As you doubtless know, the development of the Wild Dunes resort ended camping at the Sand Dollar. That’s too bad. I’ve been up and down the east coast and never seen a nicer, more natural campground at the ocean’s edge. Hunting Island State Park down near Beaufort is close and remains very nice to this day. Still the Sand Dollar, because it was remote and relatively unknown was better.

    Thanks for sharing your memory.

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